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eZA Pricing

Regular Monthly Service Charge  $325

Monthly Service Charge  SPECIAL PRICING OF $199 per month for the rest of 2020

Set Up Fee  $995  (includes training, set up database and 5 pages, standard upgrades, your graphics)

Monthly fee per subscriber after 1st year $1   Unlimited clients and participant subscribers

FAST START.....EZA will upload 25 401k Plans based on data you supply

FAST START.....EZA will upload 50 clients from a csv file you supply 


Here's some highlight from a client that's been an EZA user for 6 years.  This firm features 401k education and has:

99 401k plans in their marketing area

91 subscribers

$13,5 Million in 401k assets with those 91 subscribers

$147,465 Average subscriber 401k assets

18 subscribers with over $200,000 in 401k assets

2019  4  asset allocation alerts

2020  3  asset allocations already this year

3037 emails sent automatically by EZA  in 5.5 years with their brand name featured

1512 subscriber logins in 6 years (they're looking at the allocations)

Click on  which incorporates the special pricing and see your breakeven and how it looks at 5 years and 10 years: then call me at 205-447-0468 or email me at bob.law@ez-adviser.com with any questions.